Yamaha just hyped us up for next week’s Japan Mobility Show 2023 with the preview of its hydrogen-powered side-by-side and an all-electric slingshot dubbed the Tricera. It appears there’s something else in store for everyone as the company prepares to showcase a thrilling concept electric bike with autonomous functionalities. Meet the MOTOROiD2 as it flaunts an almost organic design.

As noted by the manufacturer, this is “The Next Phase of Jin-Ki Kanno: Like A Living Creature” approach of the future. Autonomous capabilities have long been explored by the automotive industry and some have even gone as far as actual road tests. However, the technology needs to improve and advance even further before it is approved for public use by regulators.

Yamaha, on the other hand, proposes something similar but on a smaller scale and with unique functionalities instead. It has come a long way since the first iteration which debuted back in 2017 and the MOTOROiD2 is visibly more machine than what they originally envisioned. Nevertheless, at its core, the eco-friendly bike leverages advanced artificial intelligence to form a “bond” with its owner.

The years of development that followed since the first iteration was unveiled certainly helped as we now have a machine that no longer resembles an extraterrestrial construct. Although the overall silhouette was retained, metallic fairings and translucent elements now add an aerodynamic detail to an otherwise naked frame. Yamaha wants the bike to spring to life when the rider is within proximity.

With the help of its Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES), the MOTOROiD2 can dynamically balance itself. Meanwhile, the image recognition algorithm and sensors will identify facial features and hand gestures. They also went for a silver, copper, and black colorway with blue LEDs to give it a futuristic vibe. “What will human–machine interfaces actually be like in the future? This experimental model melds mobility with intelligent technologies in order to study that question,” writes Yamaha.

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Images courtesy of Yamaha