xFyro has been a major player in headphone tech ever since they made crowdfunding history in 2018. Raising almost $2M for their waterproof earbuds (xFyro ARIA), xFyro has been launching awesome and affordable buds on the regular ever since.

And now, they’ve done it again. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest xFyro offering, xFyro ANC.

These ultra-sleek earbuds are destined to launch xFyro into headphone history yet again, and here’s why:

xFyro ANC are the first true wireless headphones powered by artificial intelligence.

That’s right. Little robots in your ears playing instruments to recreate any song you want.

Just kidding.

xFyro ANC features AI-powered noise cancellation technology. The algorithm in the xFyro software learned thousands of sounds and is able to listen to them via the mic and sort them into “critical” and “non-critical” categories.

Then, it allows the sounds you need to hear to pass through to your ear while canceling the sounds you don’t.

Pretty sweet.

xFyro ANC can do a lot more than that, too. Let’s take a look at why these are the headphones are on all of our Christmas lists this year.

AI-Powered ANC

The most advanced feature of xFyro ANC is, as you might expect, the ANC.

These earbuds come with three different listening modes, including:

The new tech here is Transparency Mode, which uses a custom algorithm that “listens” to sounds in your environment while you blissfully enjoy your tunes with ANC.

xFyro ANC’s AI learned over 6000 unique sounds and frequencies. When it hears a sound that you need to be aware about, like a siren or a voice speaking in your direction, it will allow that sound—and only that sound—to pass through the ANC barrier and into your ear. Other sounds, which it deems noise, are blocked so you can enjoy your music in peace.

This tech is undoubtedly cool. But it’s so much more than that.

Transparency Mode ensures that you never have to press pause or take off your headphones if you don’t want to. Whether you’re talking to a cashier, walking through traffic, or working on a project, you won’t have to miss a beat of your music or your life. You can even have full conversations while wearing your headphones AND listening to your music.

It’s a game-changer for people who never leave home without their headphones on (and who hate to take them off).

What makes xFyro even better is that the noise-canceling power is super strong. At 30 dB of ANC power, they’re 50% stronger than AirPods Pro for unrivaled noise cancellation from true wireless headphones.

Nanoparticle Speakers

For years, headphone manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to put big sound into tiny earbuds. xFyro has found the answer.

xFyro ANC’s drivers are made with a latticed nanoparticle called graphene. This material is 200x thinner than paper and 1000x stronger than steel. It’s super small but amazingly durable, making it perfect for building tiny speakers.

Graphene speakers deliver louder volume, a wider audio range (including decent bass in earbuds…finally), and fewer artifacts for a crystal-clear listening experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, xFyro went ahead and increased their driver size for even more dynamic audio and volume. xFyro ANC’s speakers are about 40% larger than the average earbud speaker. These babies sound so good that you’d swear you were listening to pro-grade over-ear headphones.

100-hour Battery Life

xFyro ANC’s Transparency Mode allows you to keep your headphones on indefinitely. So, xFyro had to provide a battery that could do the same. And they’ve knocked this one out of the park.

xFyro ANC last much longer than every earbud on the market. They go for 10 hours on a single charge and hold 90 additional hours in their charging/carrying case. That’s a total of 100 hours of battery life in your pocket. You could keep these earbuds in for a full workday for 2 weeks straight and still have enough juice to fly halfway around the world on just ONE CHARGE.

The earbuds are also highly efficient when ANC mode is on. You can expect up to 8 hours of battery life even when using the AI.

If the battery happens to quit, the headphones are fast-charging and can be powered for 1 hour or more of playback in just 15 minutes.

Durable as Hell

Are you tired of having to take your headphones out every time you break a sweat or feel a raindrop?

xFyro ANC are built for pretty much anything. They’re ready for the gym, the beach, the trail, and whatever weather is in store.

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the xFyro ANC can sustain heavy rainfall with no issues. They’re also sealed to prevent dust and particles from getting into any cracks.

Additional shockproofing prevents damage in case of drops or spills. But that won’t happen if the earbuds are in your ears, thanks to the ergonomic fit.

Speaking of that…

Like-Nothing’s-There Fit

xFyro’s ultimate goal with the xFyro ANC design was to create a pair of headphones you never want or need to remove. So, they hired ergonomic specialists to design the most comfortable inner-ear fit imaginable.

And the results are pretty astounding.

xFyro ANC are hands-down the most comfortable earbuds out there. We’re so tired of plastic earbuds slipping out, and we hate itchy earbud materials that are supposed to increase grip (unsuccessfully). With xFyro ANC, the experience has been revamped entirely.

The buds fit snugly in the ear canal by contouring to the shape of your body. The ear tips are plush and malleable, and the buds themselves were designed using thousands of images of human ear canals. Once they’re in, the sensation of wearing them just fades away. It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all and your music simply exists all around you. You have to feel it to believe it.

xFyro ANC ships with three ear tip sizes, so you can customize your fit and find the perfect nothing’s-there feel.

So Much More

We could go on and on about the xFyro ANC, but there are too many features to fit in one article. We’ll list a few more of the perks here:

To get the full specs on xFyro ANC and to see the earbuds in action, visit xfyro.com.

xFyro Early Black Friday Sale

Remember when we said xFyro ANC were on our Christmas lists? Well, we’re tearing those up and throwing them away (sorry Santa), because xFyro is having a stellar Early Black Friday Sale. Folks who are planning grab one soon or even beyond Cyber Monday can use the code: BFCM2020 to take $25 off the regular $125 price.

During the sale, you can pick up xFyro ANC for up to 65% off the retail price. The sale lasts for all of November, but shipping times are already getting extended due to high demand. If you want your xFyro ANC before the end of the year (or before stock runs out), head to the xFyro site and get your pair now.

If you’re a music lover, or just have to have the latest gear (like us), then you can’t miss the chance to grab xFyro ANC fresh off the line. Happy holidays and happy listening!