Split edges, stain marks, and worn-out cards become a thing in the past with the XC Carbon playing cards. These game cards literally last a lifetime thanks to its tough material.

You’ll never look at a deck of cardboard cards the same when you have this indestructible pack with you on game night. It is made purely from 100 percent carbon fiber and built to withstand impact. It doesn’t crack, split, or tear into half no matter how much you channel your anger at it after losing one game round. Its carbon fiber construction has a high-density strength which makes it five times stronger than steel. This means you can easily use one card as a knife substitute in case you can’t find one in a jiffy.

This makes the XC Carbon Playing Cards bend-proof and on top of that, they are also fade-proof. Likewise, when things get a little rowdy during game night (which can happen), you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks soaking the cards. They are amazingly also water-proof.

Moreover, they are thin so they are comfortable in the hands and make for a good show of shuffling cards. They measure 3.3 x 2.2 x 0.007 inches and a pack weighs just 4.2 ounces. The exterior also has a matte surface with a twill pattern.

The XC Carbon Playing Cards boast eye-catching prints details. The hearts and diamonds are styled in striking red while the clubs and spades are in crisp white faces. The choice of colors makes the symbols and images pop out against the carbon fiber backdrop. The cards come with a carbon fiber case to keep it safe and secure.



XC Carbon playing cards\XC Carbon playing cards XC Carbon playing cards

\XC Carbon playing cards

XC Carbon playing cards

XC Carbon playing cards

Images courtesy of XC Carbon