WORX Switchdriver 1

There are times when a simple idea can cut a job’s time and effort in half. One such idea is the WORX Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver ($100). Even the best power drill can cause frustration on the job when having to constantly switch out a drill bit for sinking screw holes with a driver head for setting the screws. WORX had a great idea; why not build a power drill with two heads that can swivel with the push of a button between separate drilling and driving bits?

Now, with the WORX WX176 Switchdriver, there is no need to delay. Merely drill the hole then pivot the drill head 180 degrees and sink the screw. Rinse and repeat till the job is done without once having to fumble around for hot or lost drill bits. Add in a two-speed gearbox capable of 0-400 and 0-1500 rpm, an 11 position clutch maxing out at 310 in.-lbs, and a 20 volt MaxLithium battery averaging 2 hours per charge, in a tool weighing in at just under 5 pounds and you have one of the sweetest power tools you will ever bring to bear on your DIY projects.

No need to worry about finding special bits either. The Switchdriver uses standard 1/4″ chucks and hex-shaped bits. The only downside is the 5 hour battery recharge, so stocking a second battery is a must for a long day’s work. Details in the video below.

WORX Switchdriver 2