It’s true that a regular domino set will only set you back a couple of dollars, but if your pockets are too big for your own good, you could end up purchasing a ridiculously expensive alternative, all thanks to a German design company named Lieb Manufaktur. The world’s most expensive Dominos set was created in collaboration with VENDOR, and it includes a total of 28 dominos, each made out of solid gold and adorned with luxurious diamonds.

World's Priciest Dominos Are Studded With Diamonds

The pieces are carved out of 18k gold, and they are encrusted with 15 carats of diamonds. The specially curated marble case used for the packaging is also a big plus, and it definitely contributes to the $153,000 price tag. The product will be offered in two different variants, one of which is named VUMIDO and includes a full set of 28 dominos, while the DONUM version will be a singular set of 1 domino.

World's Priciest Dominos With Diamonds World's Priciest Dominos, Diamonds World's Priciest Dominos