Kanji Dol, Slovenia, is the location of the award-winning Wooden House, designed and realized by the architectural firm studio PIKAPLUS. Blended naturally into a large forest clearing, this residential structure utilizes renewable material resources to create a rugged shelter from the adverse weather patterns that Slovenia can experience. In addition, the long, steep angle of the roof prevents snow from weighing it down.

Inside, studio PIKAPLUS went with a softer look to offset the durable outside. There is an expansive amount of glass in the facade that allows light to flood the structure both upstairs and down. The two upstairs bedrooms look out over the front social area below while the kitchen, living and dining rooms, and bath (with included sauna) fill the lower space.

Dominant open spaces give the Wooden House a much greater visual appeal and airiness while finding hidden nooks to fit in all the aspects of life that make a house a cozy home. [via]