Sometimes during our travels, we get to spot odd objects or structures that make a lasting impression. Perhaps it all boils down to our curiosity about who made it and what it is for. If you happen to pass by Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, China, you could stumble upon a quirky art installation called the Wood Pavilion #1 experiment.

Unlike most modern buildings, it mainly uses wood all throughout. This makes it immediately stand out from the landscape that surrounds it. The Wood Pavilion #1 occupies about 50 square meters of space and was just recently completed in December 2021. This unique project actually spans a total plot of 160 square meters, which features an area littered with pebbles.

It may look like an enclosed design, but up close, there are cutouts and edges that do not completely meet. As such, being inside its volume creates a surreal atmosphere as slivers of light flow through the cracks. The dark tone of the wooden surfaces absorbs most of it and thus generates a muted glow instead.

LIN Architects encourages people to enter the Wood Pavilion #1 and just take in the visuals. There are also sections of the wall that appear to curve out and form seats. The serene setting should make you want to just sit, relax, meditate, and even just stare blankly at anything.

Depending on what time of day, the effect it has on the interior illumination changes. You can even see the forms move as the sun makes its journey from one horizon to the other. In other words, the Wood Pavilion #1 is a dynamic piece of art expressed in structural form.

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Images courtesy of LIN Architecture