We do try to provide insights as to what types of alcoholic drinks experts are abuzz about. Although tequila and mezcal are surprisingly making waves across the globe, one spirit remains the stalwart choice of gentlemen. It just so happens that Wolves Whiskey is about to drop an exciting blend for everyone to sample. This is Lot One of the Malted Barley Series.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about the label, it’s because their distribution network is primarily online. Occasionally, select establishments will receive a limited number of bottles to sell. The duo behind the brand are Undefeated’s James Bond and Truff’s Jon Buscemi. The key partner of this new expression is Charbay Distillery’s Marko Karakesevic.

The Malted Barley Series and its subsequent releases will remain highly sought after by enthusiasts. The Lot One is special as it is the first single malt from Wolves Whiskey. The product page reads, “these 12 barrels were distilled in 2015 in an antique alambic brandy still, from two-row pale malted barley, and fermented with California Ale yeast.”

Over the course of its maturation, the whiskey undergoes several oak treatments of varying char levels. This adds subtle nuances discerning drinkers will surely enjoy. For the Lot One of the Malted Barley Series, the spirit goes into each bottle at 110 proof. A black sheepskin label wraps around each vessel for that premium touch.

Wolves Whiskey is yet to confirm the shipping date but gladly shares the profile of their American single malt. It starts off with a nose of honey, currant, vanilla, orange, and maple syrup. Take a sip to reveal notes of oak, oats, port, stone fruit, and dark chocolate. Finally, it all goes down smoothly. Only 228 bottles of the Lot One are available.

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Images courtesy of Wolves Whiskey/Leah Moriyama