If your adventurous soul yearns to heed the call of the great outdoors, we can feel your pain right now. If not for the pandemic, some of us would immediately head out for some weekend camping. It’s understandable some of you would rather bask in the creature comforts of your home, but others beg to differ. As such, we just happen to stumble upon this amazing package from Wolf and Grizzly. The Campfire Trio is likely going to be your new constant companion in the wild.

There’s no denying that a campfire can be a simple element that helps us unwind. Not only does it give off warmth, but it also provides mesmerizing light show as the flames crackle into the night. Moreover, it can heat or cook food when we need it to. Thus, Wolf and Grizzly is presenting this bundle that would earn anyone’s approval.

As the name implies, The Campfire Trio is a three-piece collection of useful gear when you’re out camping. The first of the bunch is the Grill M1 Edition Kit. It includes a foldable grill frame, rollable grill surface, and compact Allen key for assembly. Next is the Fire Safe which is essential for the portable fire pit. Finally, there is the Fire Set, which will provide the ignition to kickstart the good stuff.

To make it more convenient to transport, The Campfire Trio set comes with a premium carrying case. Now if only the lockdown and travel restrictions would soon end, we can’t wait to head out with some buddies. Hopefully, we don’t forget to pack other stuff aside from this handy bundle.

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Images courtesy of Wolf and Grizzly