When it comes to socks, many people settle for what is readily available and cheapest. But the truth is that the extra money you would spend in order to have quality is really worth it.

We’ll discuss how the fabric, comfort, durability, style, and even some features that companies add to their socks can make a big difference in your overall performance.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover:

Sock Feature Consideration
Fabric Natural fibers are softer and more comfortable, while a synthetic blend offers moisture-wicking ability
Comfort Narrower size ranges, arch support ribbing, and reinforced cushioned heels provide better comfort
Durability Quality socks last much longer and reduce cost per wear
Style Bold designs, colors, and patterns to fit various tastes
Features Unique features like silver fibers and aloe vera reduce bacteria, odors, and moisturize feet
Care Specific washing instructions to avoid damaging the fabric

Good quality casual or dress socks are usually composed of natural fibers like cotton or wool. While cotton may be more breathable, wool keeps your feet warmer and drier. Depending on the season and weather, you’ll want to select the sock material that functions best for you. In addition, the yarn used in quality socks will usually be much finer and softer, resulting in a more comfortable feel.

Athletic socks, on the other hand, are best served with synthetic fibers. The reason why is that they have better moisture-wicking ability, meaning that they draw moisture away from the skin. This prevents blistering, a common issue caused by wetness and friction on the skin. Unfortunately, the downside of synthetic fibers, especially when worn with casual or dress socks, is that they don’t usually feel as comfortable, are prone to losing shape, and lack any cushioning.

When shopping for socks, you’ll find that they have a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. We recommend going with one that skews towards natural fibers for the best comfort.


Want all-day comfort for your feet?

Then you need to think about both the size and structure. Here’s why:


Coupled with carefully chosen materials and superior construction, high-quality socks typically last much longer than generic brands. You can wear them over and over again, washing them with care and having them last for several months. Not only that, but you’ll get your money’s worth with the comfort, style, and features that these socks offer. As Beneath the Knees has found, durability can also greatly reduce cost per wear, making them great investments for wardrobe staples.


Go with brands that take pride in their design, as they make some socks with bold colors that are on-trend and stylish. You’ll shine with a bit of extra style, and you’ll be able to find a variety of fun patterns, colors, and designs that can add a bit of extra personality to your ensemble.

Of course, if you prefer a more conservative look, there will never be a shortage of those, either. Neutral tones and simple patterns remain timeless and never go out of style.

Additional Features

Companies now offer special features like silver fibers embedded into the fabric, which help fight bacteria and odors. Other brands may offer aloe vera fibers that help moisturize the feet.

These features often come for a premium, but some may be worth it if you are someone who is on their feet a lot and needs that extra TLC that these socks can provide.

Don’t Forget About Proper Care

What’s the point in investing in socks if you don’t take care of them?

When washing natural fibers like wool, be sure to let them air dry, as they may shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Synthetic fibers are a bit more tolerant, but harsh detergents tend to break them down more quickly. Follow the care instructions that the brand provides.

Furthermore, fold your socks instead of balling them up. This helps to keep the fabric elastic from stretching out too much.

Lastly, laundry bags provide extra protection and can help prevent fibers from getting stuck in other garments in the washer and dryer.


Paying a bit of extra money for good-quality socks is definitely worth it. From the fabric to the comfort and durability, you get what you pay for, and quality socks will have you reaping the benefits for years to come.