Breaking the land speed record requires a lot of preparation, guts, a hint of foolishness, and a machine capable of doing so. Perhaps the WMC 250EV might be the platform to establish a new one in two categories. White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) believes their emission-free ride is equipped to surpass the milestones set by others.

Surprisingly, the company claims their all-electric two-wheeler will offer remarkable mileage as well. When you need to go fast, drag is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Thus, you can see that the WMC 250EV just screams aerodynamic from every angle.

“The solid technical and legal foundations put in place by WMC have created great project credibility. Acknowledgement of this has resulted in securing a share of 2.5 million pounds of Niche Vehicle Network funding,” notes the group.

With enough funding, this project will soon be ready for action. The silhouette alone gives off the illusion that the WMC 250EV is in motion. Instead of a single electric motor on the rear wheel, the front also gets one. The engineers point out that this allows for optimal regenerative braking which contributes to its range.

Moreover, simulations show that the WMC 250EV uses 50% less energy than what’s available in the market right now. As for its aerodynamics, testing shows the design reduces drag by 69%. Also, performance should benefit from the stability and downforce.

WMC is currently preparing to break the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner British Record in 2021. Next year, they’re setting their sights on the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner World Record. With some fine-tuning, the WMC 250EV just might do so.

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Images courtesy of White Motorcycle Concepts