For a while now, some of the biggest sponsorships in Formula 1 and motorsports in general are from alcohol companies. Off the top of our heads, we count Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Martini as perhaps the most prominent among the world’s top labels. Meanwhile WhistlePig unveils a delightful racing-inspired rye whiskey christened the PiggyBack Legends Series: Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Barrel.

This collaboration is another indication of American whiskey’s rising recognition across the globe. Moreover, it reminds those who have yet to sample one that there’s more to the distilleries in the country aside from bourbon. Meanwhile, this limited-edition rye whiskey’s production involves a unique process, which might just give it a distinct profile over its contemporaries.

As usual, motoring enthusiasts who closely follow everything pertaining to the pinnacle of motorsports may want to secure a couple of bottles of the PiggyBack Legends Series: Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Barrel. You can consider it as cool memorabilia that might possibly appreciate in value in the future depending on how well the Italian carmaker’s racing campaign goes.

In addition to its special livery, barrels of the rye whiskey undergoes a “dynamic aging” process in the F1 team’s wind tunnels. According to experts, this purportedly agitates the alcohol to interact with the wood at a quicker pace than just stationary casks stored in the distillery’s warehouses. Also, WhistlePig is paying tribute to Alfa Romeo’s driver Zhou Guanyu – the first Chinese driver in Formula 1.

As a nod to his roots, the rye whiskey “is finished with lychee and oolong tea.” They claim it enhances the existing notes of the spirit, which is usually that of tropical fruits and spices. “This Single Barrel is bottled at 96.77 proof, a nod to Valtteri Bottas’ racing number, 77, and the precision of racing,” writes WhistlePig. Grab your PiggyBack Legends Series: Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Barrel before they sell out.

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Images courtesy of WhistlePig