We’ve been hearing a lot of good things about WhistlePig for quite some time now. A couple of their awesome collaborations are already on our pages. Some of you might be wondering how well the New England-based distillery’s whiskey stands on its own. The fact that even it’s PiggyBack Devil’s Slide non-whiskey already sold out tells us everything we need.

Since this is a non-alcoholic version of their rye whiskey, it’s a wonderful companion for any meal or snack at any time of the day. We know many of us swore off alcohol as a New Year’s resolution. It’s harder than it sounds especially when everyone else gets to indulge in their favorite blend.

The PiggyBack Devil’s Slide is what we would call a palate pleaser. Once your taste buds get a taste of something familiar, it should help you hold out longer. Of course, the buzz won’t be there, which is the only caveat we know about so far.

WhistlePig ages its 100% rye blend for 6 years in the same barrels that create the signature profile of their whiskeys. However, when it’s ready for the bottles, it undergoes another process that removes all traces of alcohol but preserves its notes and flavor.

WhistlePig hopes to make things much easier with this concoction. When the craving hits, a sip of what tastes like the real thing could keep our demons sated. Of course, unless it is for medical reasons, why would someone give up a glass or two of the real deal, right? Moderation is always a key factor here or maybe just swig a glass of the PiggyBack Devil’s Slide non-whiskey instead.

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Images courtesy of WhistlePig