When you’ve established a reputation for a particular specialty, people tend to associate your brand with it for years. Generally, becoming a household name is what every label is hoping for. However, market fatigue is inevitable, which is why it pays to refresh your catalog once in a while. WhistlePig plans to do exactly that with the FarmStock Wheat.

The Vermont-based distillery is renowned for its outstanding rye whiskeys. In fact, this distinction has led to multiple collaborations. Among those we featured back then included coffee liqueur, beer, and ice cream to name a few. As the name suggests, WhistlePig’s latest expression is surprisingly a straight wheat whiskey.

The label also reveals that the FarmStock Wheat is sold under its Beyond Bonded collection. For those familiar with the bottled-in-bond designation, this ensures the spirit meets the strict legal regulations imposed by the U.S. government’s Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits.

In short, this means the contents of each bottle are unadulterated in any way and deliver the best experience. According to experts, the whiskey needs to be crafted in a single distillery within one distilling season. Then, it must be aged at least four years and bottled at 100 proof.

Reports were quick to point out that the reason behind WhistlePig’s Beyond Bonded classification is due to the collection’s 100.1 proof indication. Sources confirm the new batch is comprised of 23 barrels and 3 of these contain straight wheat whiskey from a 100-percent wheat mashbill, destined for FarmStock Wheat bottles.


We know many of you are excited to sample this release, but WhistlePig says the FarmStock Wheat is exclusive to their Vermont distillery, select drinking establishments, and their Quechee tasting room. For the rest who want to add the previous Beyond Bonded expressions to their cabinets, there are still stocks available from other suppliers.

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Images courtesy of WhistlePig