Whenever whiskey distillers release limited-edition blends, they usually package these in bespoke bottles. These containers or boxes are designed to look opulent and showcase just how special these spirits are. However, you don’t need to really splurge that much when you have options like the Mountain Decanter from Whiskey Peaks.

Why settle for the standard bottle to hold your whiskey when there are stylish alternatives out there? Although we prefer to keep things straightforward, there are various ways to get the most out of the amber blend. Aside from the wide range of vessels to match your drink, Whiskey Peaks also deals in other products.

The Mountain Decanter – as the name tells us – features a textured base that’s exactly in that shape. This crystal container is crafted out of handblown 100% lead-free glass. Whiskey Peaks says it’s just as durable as traditional bottles, but is noticeably lighter. Another attractive aspect comes from the slight variations.

Given that they don’t use a mold to create the rocky outline, no two items are identical. This means each Mountain Decanter is a bespoke work of art for you to proudly show off. It can hold up to 44 ounces of whiskey or any alcoholic beverage of your choosing. Don’t forget to use it when you have guests over for a drink.

It would make a cool conversation starter as you sip and relax in the company of friends or family. Unlike the Whiskey Peaks glasses that tout a similar theme, the manufacturer did not specify what the Mountain Decanter pays tribute to. Nevertheless, this does not take away from its elegance.

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Images courtesy of Whiskey Peaks