Luxury sporting goods firm Williamson Goods, out of Detroit, Michigan, has just created one of the most blinged-out bicycle imaginable.  Called the Wheelmen ($35K!), this limited edition bike can be had in either copper or chrome plating, and has a carefully hand-sewn wrap made of genuine python skin.

Each of the Wheelmen bicycles is being custom-built to insure that this exceptional vehicle is both a work of art and a solid means of transportation.  Starting with high-quality chromoly tubing, the frame, forks, lugs, and stem are all individually made, and the copper finish & details are brazed into place.  Each of the components is then wrapped in the python snakeskin.  Not to be outdone, the seat is a modified Brooks that has been covered in crocodile skin!

While Williamson Goods is only creating ten each of the four colorways, (black/copper, navy/copper, tan/copper and navy/chrome) the customization options do include a white/copper variety.  Besides the standard small/medium/large frame sizes, bespoke sizes can also be made on request.  With such a hefty price tag, the Wheelmen isn’t for everyone, but when one does pedal by, it is sure to turn heads.