Smartphones have become so ubiquitous that owning one doesn’t really say anything about you (except whether you are an Apple person or an any-other-brand person). Instead, you have to rely on your phone case and other accessories to communicate your personality to other people. Today, we’re breaking down the most popular types of phone cases and accessories. Then, we’re explaining what each of them says about you. 

Classic Phone Case

You want to protect your phone, but you don’t want to be flashy about it. Thus, you picked a monochrome plastic or silicone case, probably in a neutral color like black, white, brown or navy. You consider yourself more practical than fashionable — and don’t really keep up with the latest trends. So, you want a classic case that won’t look outdated in a year or two. You probably wait until you’re officially eligible for an upgrade in order to get a new phone model.

No Case

Not only do you live life on the edge, but you also bought your phone for its sleek design. Likewise, you are determined to show it off in its full glory no matter what. You trust in your iron grip as well as the generous warranty on your smartphone. You have probably replaced your phone more than once in the past year because you refuse to put a case on it, but you’re okay with it as long as everyone gets to see how gorgeous your phone is (before you drop it again, that is).

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Clear Case

You love the look of your smartphone without a case. However, you aren’t enough of a risk-taker to go with a fully naked phone. Instead, you compromise with a clear case that keeps your phone protected while showing off its sleek design. You are probably brand conscious and want people to know what make and model phone you have, but you aren’t so reckless that you’re willing to pay for a replacement every time you drop it.

Leather Phone Case

You enjoy the finer things in life, and this is reflected in your choice of a leather phone case. You aren’t afraid to do leather maintenance or replace the case more often, and you prioritize look and feel over longevity. You dress with care and want your phone to reflect your aesthetic rather than clash with it. You think that plastic looks and feels tacky and want a case to match the elevated design of your phone. You are also almost certainly not vegan or vegetarian and probably use AirTag cases to track all your valuables as well.

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Rugged Phone Case

Maybe you live an adventurous lifestyle, maybe you’re just a klutz who drops their phone on a daily basis. Whichever situation you find yourself in, you need a multi-layer case that provides the ultimate protection for your phone against drops, falls and splashes. You don’t care what the case looks like or how heavy it is. You just need it to protect yourself from the technology hazards that you encounter on a daily basis.

Battery Phone Case

You are a power user who constantly drains your phone battery. As a result, an external portable battery won’t cut it for you — you want the extra battery directly attached to your phone so that you can juice it up whenever you need to. You probably travel a lot for work and have a career that requires you to constantly be connected to your phone. Because you never know when you’ll be near a power outlet, you are willing to deal with the extra weight and bulk of a battery phone case as long as it means your phone never dies.

Wallet Phone Case

You’re a minimalist who doesn’t believe in carrying two objects when just one will do. Hence, your choice of a wallet phone case. You never have to worry about leaving anything essential behind. As long as you’ve got your phone in your pocket, you’re good to go. You never drop your phone, hence why you don’t need more rugged protection. You are extremely organized and never misplace your phone either.

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Phone Grip

You have definitely been known to drop your phone a time or two (or three, or four, or more…) and even though you have a case on it, you also got a phone grip to give you extra peace of mind. You may or may not have chosen the phone grip so that it coordinates perfectly with the case you have, creating a harmonious fashion statement. You probably also match your cute Apple Watch band to the phone case and grip so that everything is coordinated.

Battery Pack

You are also a power user, but you didn’t want the extra bulk and weight of a phone case that incorporates a battery. Instead, you opted to get an external battery pack that you carry around with you at all times. Not only do you never have to worry about running out of power, but you also get to enjoy the sleek design of your phone in a standard case.

Clip-on LED Light

Not only are you a selfie queen, but you also constantly film videos for your TikTok channel. You always have a clip-on LED light with you so that you are always ready to shoot a video or picture on your phone whenever the moment arises.

Is our analysis spot-on or do you disagree with our takes? Did we miss a popular phone case style or accessory we should have included? Sound off in the comments below to tell us your thoughts about what your phone case says about you!