You’ve probably heard this many times, but it’s true — 70% of your body consists of water. You could technically live without eating for a month, but you couldn’t go over a week or so without drinking water. Pure water is essential for keeping us alive and well. Unfiltered or impure water can easily make you sick. Thanks to advanced modern-day tech — there’s a variety of water filtration systems available in the market. Everyone knows that filtered water is better for your health than regular tap water. However, let’s take a closer look at the key benefits you can expect from installing a water filter at home. 

1. Environmentally Friendly

Pollution is only getting worse with time — and we’re moving closer and closer towards inflicting irreversible damage to the Earth. Bottled water also hugely contributes to this issue. 

It takes three times as much as a plastic bottle’s capacity to manufacture it, and it takes over 300 years to decompose. 

If you could stop buying those bottles by filtering and drinking your tap water, you’d be doing a massive favour to both; your health and the planet! 

If that doesn’t already convince you to start looking for the best water filter, the following four benefits will.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Yes, purchasing and installing a water filter might cost you a couple of hundred bucks upfront — but you’ll be saving money in the long term as bottled water is significantly more expensive than filtering water. 

3. Filtration Removes the Water’s Impurities

Water has all sorts of impurities that are potentially harmful to your health, your water-based electrical appliances, and your plumbing.

Some contaminants and impurities include chlorine, lead, mercury, magnesium, calcium, fluoride, zinc, etc. 

Moreover, the mineral content in impure water can cause scaling on the surfaces it comes into contact with. As the water dries away, the minerals are left behind in the form of ‘soap scum’, which can be tough to clean up.

4. Filtered Water Is Good for Your Health

Not all of the impurities we’ve mentioned above are bad for your health. Advanced water filters even have processes built into them to ensure your filtered water still contains the minerals that are good for your health and wellbeing.

The health benefits of water filtration involve detoxification, improved digestion, skin hydration, reduction of cancer risks, and better nutrient absorption. Pure water also helps improve your mental health and immune system functioning. 

5. Low Maintenance

Water filters are known to be durable, low maintenance, and easy to fix and replace. Different types and models may require varying levels of effort and expertise for installation, but most of them are pretty easy to set up and use.


There are countless environmental, financial, and medical reasons why you should consider getting a water filtration system installed. 

This short article doesn’t cover all their benefits but hopefully provides you with a decent idea of why you probably need one for your home.