As a company, you ideally want quality to remain consistent to not disappoint longtime consumers. Think of them as valued clients whose business is absolutely essential to your success. At the same time, a few occasional surprises can do wonders for marketing. Patrón was turned into a household name for tequila by its founder and executives, but the team’s most recent venture — the Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka — took many by surprise.

After selling their tequila operations to Bacardi for a generous sum, we were wondering what’s on the table for the group. As it stands right now, the folks involved in this unexpected project are John Paul DeJoria, Ed Brown, Dave Wilson, Brad Vassar, and Lee Applbaum. Their firm is currently operating out of Texas and and apparently shaking up the liquor industry.

With their extensive know-how about tequila, it’s great to see them take on a different spirit this time around. However, instead of sticking with traditional recipes for the alcoholic beverage in question, they’re crafting the Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka out of Blue Weber agave. According to the press details, its distilled exclusively from it and not just an additive.

“By volume, vodka is the largest spirits category in the U.S., but let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since there was any meaningful innovation or true disruption in this space,” explains Applebaum. “I’m not talking about trendy flavors, clever packaging, or crazy rounds of distillation–that’s just line extension, differentiation, and iteration, not true disruption.”

To make vodka, the world’s leading labels use a variety of crops but commonly distill it from corn, wheat, and potato. The Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka is crystal clear in appearance and bottled at 80% proof. The ingredients are reportedly sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where it undergoes primary distillation. It’s then transported to Texas for final processing.

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Images courtesy of Weber Ranch Distillery