When you’re out cycling, there are a lot of factors that can ruin your day. It could be a flat tire, an accident, and most of all, terrible weather. Wouldn’t it be better if you can also enjoy this activity indoors? The KICKR ROLLR should do the trick even when there’s limited space inside your residence.

Now you can continue training in the comfort of your home anytime you want to. The gimmick is to simulate exactly how it feels to ride on the road. Unlike other equipment like it, the KICKR ROLLR makes the process convenient for the user.  

There’s no need to remove the front wheel either as the integrated safety tire gripper holds it in place. It is compatible with tires up to 2.1 inches and holds your bike upright. It’s secure enough for owners to climb up or down without any stability issues.

Meanwhile, the adjustable wheelbase of the KICKR ROLLR means it can accommodate more bike variations. The process is seamless and gets you back into action quickly and conveniently. To get the most of out every ride, pair it with the optional POWRLINK ZERO pedals. The dual rollers provide electromagnetic resistance which you can control via an app.

To further expand its functionalities, Wahoo recommends the use of other add-ons such as the KICKR HEADWIND for a fully immersive workout. The KICKR ROLLR is a must-have for cyclists who just love to hop their bikes at a moment’s notice. Never let the weather and other factors stop the fun when you have this at home.

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Images courtesy of Wahoo