If you have the cash to splurge, there is no shortage of luxury products available as long as you know where to look. The extremely exclusive exotic cars, superyachts, private jets, watches, and fashion are all within reach. We have something else in mind for our readers who like to flex their culinary skills. Check out the WAGYUMAFIA x WW Moulin.

At the top of the product page reads “grind like a boss” and is likely from the Weber Workshop’s partnership with the Japanese restaurant group. The latter was founded by Takafumi Horie and Hisato Hamada – a duo that previously dealt in the export of beef products. If you are in need of condiment dispensers for your kitchen, prepare to shell out $1,990.

This collaboration between these heavyweights in their respective fields delivers an extravagant product for those with discerning tastes. Salt and pepper mills are by no means considered expensive, but the WAGYUMAFIA x WW Moulin is an exception. To justify the costs, these bad boys are crafted out of heavy-duty materials and would practically last a lifetime with proper usage.

The package includes two solid machined aerospace aluminum/316L stainless steel mills. Although each can stand freely on their own, the set includes a dedicated caddy. To ensure reliable performance, salt is ground by corrosion-free sintered ceramic burrs lined with zirconia bearings, while pepper uses hardened tool steel. The WAGYUMAFIA x WW Moulin measures 6.6” x 2.1” and weighs 3 lbs.

Never confuse which contains what as engravings of the letters “S” and “P” indicate everything you need to know. Even the lids are engineered for convenience as they lock into place with the help of powerful neodymium magnets. Refilling your WAGYUMAFIA x WW Moulin is as easy as it gets. As an excellent bonus, WAGYUMAFIA edition salt is included in the box.

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Images courtesy of Weber Workshop/WAGYUMAFIA