This lampshade features an all-too familiar shape of a parasol or umbrella. It takes design inspiration from the Japanese umbrella called Wagasa, hence, its name, Wagasa Lamp. Designer Solenn Roch even patterned this lamp’s mechanism accordingly to the Wagasa umbrella.

The lamp is just made out of two materials outside of the technical components, which is the electrical wiring and bulb. There’s the Dupont Tyvek 1073D shade, which is made from two sheets of synthetic paper-like material. This shade is translucent and brings a relaxing glow since it diffuses light softly to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Then there’s wood for the handle and the framework that holds the shades together. The handle features spiral ridges and a circular wooden knob. Like the Wagasa umbrella, users can adjust the brightness of the Wagasa Lamp by moving the knob along the handle. Moving it all the way to the top opens the shades all the way and partly opened when placed somewhere in the middle.

The knob determines the open-ness or closed-ness of the shades and determines the amount of light that gets filtered outwards from the top and bottom. The controls let you adjust the brightness according to your preference. Closing it decreases the conical area which then leads to a smaller illuminated area.

The Wagasa Lamp is both functional and beautiful in its minimalist design. It would make a great addition to your dining area or serve as an eye-catching centerpiece to a reading nook. Likewise, its mechanism adds a touch of playfulness to an otherwise humble lampshade aesthetic. This piece is available as a pendant or table lamp.

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Images courtesy of Solenn Roch Design