Wacaco adds to its lineup of portable coffee makers with the release of the Minipresso GR2. Unlike its predecessors, this one is smaller at just 4.92″ (shorter than an average smartphone) and super light at merely 285 grams. Despite it being compact, it still extracts rich and fragrant espresso while simplifying the coffee brewing experience. 

This machine features an innovative design that lets you choose between regular or strong coffee with its patented basket. The basket lets you choose between 8 grams or 12 grams of ground coffee and features a modular, height-adjustable design for coffee flexibility.

The coffee experience is enhanced with the addition of a water tank that also comes with a dosing funnel and a drip tray. Moreover, the Minipresso GR2 keeps hot water hot with its double-walled design but keeps the surface cool to the touch. It does not use electricity or battery, instead it’s a hand-powered pump that generates up to 8 bars of pressure for the perfect brew. 

Conveniently, it disassembles to reveal its multiple parts for easy use and cleaning. The upper double-walled flask can hold up to 80ml of hot water and the basket below carries the coffee grounds. Setting up the pump by twisting it until it pops out starts the brewing process.

Pumping on it builds up the pressure to make espresso while the included lid serves as an espresso cup. The brewing process takes just under a minute. Aside from being efficient and compact, the Minipresso GR2 is also made sustainable. Its outer shell is made from a new wheat-composite polymer as opposed to traditional petrochemical-based plastics. Likewise, all text and logos are now integrated into parts, thus saving energy and resources.

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Images courtesy of Wacaco