Lately, Candela has been garnering publicity since its CES 2023 debut of the C-8 electric hydrofoil speedboat. Available in two trims, it is powered by high-density Polestar batteries engineered for range and performance. It seems competitors are eager to catch up. With the likes of the AEW24 on the horizon, sustainable boating is gradually becoming a reality.

As much as we want to see larger vessels integrate completely green systems, technological limitations are still in the way. However, smaller hulls like this from Voltaic Marine should be efficient enough for even the most demanding buyers. As of this writing, their StartEngine crowdfunding campaign already amassed $19,925.86 from 35 investors.

While it’s too early to call it a runaway success, platforms like the AEW24 can pave the way for more eco-friendly developments in the future. According to their pitch, the company positions their very first model as the ideal watercraft for water sports. It measures approximately 24 feet with an aluminum construction. They are outfitting it with a 375 kW (500-horsepower) electric motor and a 200 kWh battery.

A full charge is enough to last up to eight hours, but advancements could double its numbers. “Our ground-up patent pending design will deliver performance without noise and exhaust,” writes Voltaic Marine. Meanwhile, thrusters at the bow and stern sections provide exceptional maneuverability. Depending on the configuration, racks for wakeboards and more can be integrated.

“Electric boats are great for water sports like wake surfing, with benefits that match the sport’s demands for heavy ballast, powerful motors, and low speeds,” notes the manufacturer regarding the AEW24. “Batteries serve as static weight ballast and electric motors offer instant torque, all at lower speeds, resulting in larger wakes and longer run times.”

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Images courtesy of Voltaic Marine