It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a novice, there are always risks involved with every recreational activity. However, we can always take precautions and gear up properly to prevent serious injuries. Meanwhile, Da Orffo — a Polish manufacturer of sport utility trailers came up with a clever platform called the Life Chariot MEDEVAC for emergency situations wherein an airlift is not possible.

Depending on the condition of the patient, urgent treatment might be needed. Defined as a “medical evacuation trailer,” it’s engineered for off-road use. Hence, it boasts all of the underpinnings of a rugged travel trailer such as a heavy-duty chassis and suspension system. As far as we can tell from the shots, it has all the necessary bells and whistles.

Outdoor adventures with or without vehicles offer an enriching experience for all those involved. You get to explore what nature has to offer and also put all the survival skills you learned to the test. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and there are times when we need to transport somebody as securely as possible. Here’s what the Life Chariot MEDEVAC brings to the table.

To overcome difficult surfaces, it touts impressive ground clearance and rides on wheels shod in chunky all-terrain tires. Despite the solid build, it remains as lightweight as possible. It’s tubular roll cage features a roof rack for cargo and comes with a tarpaulin cover. Next is the NATO stretcher with security belts and two seats with harnesses on each side.

The Life Chariot MEDEVAC also includes two hermetic boxes to hold medical supplies. It should prove beneficial for emergency responders situated close to popular off-grid recreational spots. They just need to hook it up to a capable overlanding vehicle and everything that follows should be straightforward.

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Images courtesy of Da Orffo