When it comes to your outdoor gear, Vollebak never disappoints. Their selection of heavy-duty, durable, and stylish wear guarantees you stay protected be it in the urban jungle or beyond. From waterproof pants to indestructible jackets, you’re in safe hands. Their latest addition to their Off Grid range, the Vollebak Off Grid Shell, looks to a future where man has to live off his surroundings and not rely on modern conveniences. 

This jacket prepares you for a future in which you have to rebuild your life with your bare hands. This means days of foraging for food, building shelter, and staying dry and comfortable under unpredictable weather conditions. As such, it is designed to be ultra-lightweight so you can move with ease and speed.

Moreover, the Vollebak Off Grid Shell Jacket uses high-strength Dyneema fiber, which is stronger than stainless steel. This makes this outerwear the strongest rain jacket there is. It is also highly windproof, tear-resistant, and waterproof. Suffice to say, it is an all-terrain, all-purpose performance jacket that is truly deserving of its name.

For reinforcement, it has sealed seams, velcro cuffs, storm flaps, and an elastic hood to seal out water. As for storage, there are oversized pockets both on the inside and out so you can pack your essentials while on the go like crops, tools, and more.

Best of all, when the occasion calls for it, the Vollebak Off Grid Shell Jacket can easily be broken down into pieces of equipment needed to build a shelter. It can be used for high-strength rope and repairs making it the ultimate outdoor wear. Aesthetics wise, this jacket also certainly does have a futuristic appeal to it. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak