The Vollebak Graphene T-Shirt is the lightest and fastest cooling shirt Vollebak has ever built. As its name implies, it’s made with the lightest, strongest, and most conductive material on the planet, making it highly heat absorbent. Likewise, graphene rapidly redistributes heat for better heat loss so you stay cooler for longer.

This shirt used graphene-infused knitted polymer yarns. Polymer is melted first and then extruded and during the extrusion process, powdered graphene oxide is baked into the yarn. Graphene can’t absorb dye and so this material is subtly visible on the shirt as a tessellating pattern against the shirt’s primary color.

The Vollebak Graphene T-Shirt makes great performance wear in the summer as it easily cools you down, which in turn prevents bacteria build up. Remarkably, graphene is also bacteriostatic (bacteria won’t grow on it) and it’s also hypoallergenic and anti-static.

Moreover, this shirt lets you move with ease with four-way stretch, is highly breathable, fast-drying, thermoregulating, and naturally wicks moisture. It’s designed to keep you comfortable as you move out and about with meticulously-thought out details. It has side seams that curved toward the back for a more tapered shape and to stop them from rubbing against the sides. 

Likewise, the seams have stitches that stretch to reduce stress during movements that could potentially lead the seams to snap. And to get the most out of the benefits of graphene, the Vollebak Graphene T-Shirt comes in a slim fit so it’s closer to the skin for better thermal regulation. 

Images courtesy of Vollebak