Vollebak utilized the versatility and advanced properties of copper for its aptly-named new release, the Full Metal Jacket. It’s a three-layer anti-bacterial performance wear that combines a soft inner layer, a waterproof and breathable membrane that opens and closes in response to varied weather conditions, and an outer layer made with lacquered copper yarn. 

This jacket used 11 kilometers of copper strands made soft and malleable through a rigorous process. Electrolytic industrial copper is passed through a special machine to make it thinner and thinner (think making spaghetti from scratch through a pasta machine). Lasers are used to precisely measure the diameter of the strands which stretches a little longer each time they pass through the machine.

Then the strands are heated to make them malleable and applied with very thin coats of lacquer to protect the copper from corrosion. They then go through a 6-day curing process which involves weaving the yarn on rapier weaving looms before they are scoured, heat-set, and dried. The Vollebak Full Metal Jacket then appears in a stylishly unique and fashion forward silhouette with its metallic and wrinkly appearance.

You may think that it’s also rough on the skin. But the copper here is made soft so you’d never know you’re wearing metal until you put it under the microscope where you’ll see the copper stands. Complementing the copper layer is a laminate of advanced waterproof, windproof, and breathable proprietary membrane called c_change.

The membrane closes in the cold to keep you warm and opens to let heat escape during hot conditions. This way, keeping you comfortable and protected during different weather conditions. Meanwhile, the inside of the Vollebak Full Metal Jacket is smooth and the high front collar and the side pockets are fleece-lined. The cuffs come with metal snap fasteners and every panel is stitched then bonded for waterproofness. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak