Vollebak is back with another revolutionary piece of apparel that blurs the line between technology and fashion. Aptly named Alien Hoodie, this jacket pays homage to the sand dunes of Mars and has a black mesh visor that gives the overall appearance of an extra-terrestrial being when worn zipped up close and hood up. 

But don’t let its appearance fool you. Vollebak built it to provide the wearer the ultimate comfort and relaxation. It’s a “cross between an isolation tank and a bed.” It’s a double-layered, weighted, 3D-knitted hoodie with a padded sculptural texture based on the sand dunes on Mars. 

Vollebak’s Alien Hoodie also has a mesh visor made from 100% polyester that offers privacy and isolation from the outside world, while being comfortable to sleep in. It is built with something called a “spacer mesh”, which is a padded, double-layered, porous material that allows air and moisture to flow in and out easily for breathability so it doesn’t suffocate you.

Unlike other jackets that zips just up at the neck, this one goes up to the top of the head for complete isolation and privacy, making it the ideal wear when you want to get a good shut-eye during long flights or commutes. The mesh visor lets you see out but blocks others from seeing your face and the hood is lined for softness. 

Vollebak’s Alien Hoodie also features elasticated drawcord adjusters for tightening and the cuffs and hem are bound and elasticated. It uses heavy-duty, two-way zippers and the hoodie itself is breathable, insulating, and high wicking. As for storage, it has two large, zipped exterior pockets and two more pockets on each side of the inside of the hoodie. Best of all, this jacket is produced using 40% fewer greenhouse gases, 30% less water, and nearly 27% less power per kilogram than other conventionally made materials.

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Images courtesy of Vollebak