When it comes to certain types of vehicles, each carmaker normally establishes a name via certain models. For example, when it comes to trucks, marques such as Ford and Chevrolet come to mind. However, these days, we can see the popularity of brands like Toyota and Nissan rival that of the American models. It’s not common to see European badges, but the Volkswagen X Arctic Trucks Amarok AT35 Concept is a welcome exception.

The Amarok, in its stock configuration, is already a very capable truck. It’s apparently built to go up against the Colorado, Tacoma, and Ranger. However, with upgrades from the folks at Arctic Trucks, it becomes an even bigger threat to the competition. Taking advantage of its expansive experience when it comes to rugged customization, owners can expect only the best. The shop specializes in taking existing 4WD vehicles and tweaking these machines for extreme exploration.

For this project, what you get are larger wheels, tires, and an additional ride height adjustment of 25mm. Additionally, in order to accommodate its bigger shoes, custom fender flares line each side of the truck. The bed also features a camper shell to protect your cargo and other equipment for your off-road trip. This specific model that we are talking about is designed for Iceland’s challenging climate. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise to learn that a cappuccino machine is on board to deliver your dose of caffeine.

For extra precaution, the Volkswagen X Arctic Trucks Amarok At35 Concept comes with a fire extinguisher and a portable power generator. This is just one of the many configurations you can request to make your all-wheel-drive machine even better.

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