Similar to supercars and hypercars, the materials that go into the construction of superyachts are carefully considered. As blueprints call for larger vessels, optimal weight savings gives designers and engineers more flexibility during the development process. VisionF understands exactly what the 100 needs as it shares more details about the latest entry in its growing fleet.

What we have here is a sleek twin-hull and is the first of its kind from the Turkish group. The team behind its plan set out to replace the aluminum with Kevlar composite instead. We all know that it shares similar properties with carbon fiber especially when it comes to the strength-to-weight ratio.

This implies that the 100-foot catamaran should match or even outperform its smaller aluminium-built siblings. The superyacht embodies the signature sporty outline of VisionF ships. The 40-foot beam equates to generous spaces inside and outside which clients can furnish and customize according to their discerning tastes.

As of this writing, the shipyard confirms the first order for the 100 has been placed. Delivery should be sometime in 2025, which means work on this project should begin soon. Renders of its interiors are unavailable, but we do know the main deck features a luxurious saloon and dining area.

Meanwhile, the bulwarks directly facing the doors can fold out to accommodate even more. To the bow of the VisionF 100 is a glass-bottom Jacuzzi. This is an optional add-on, but who wants to miss out on this opulent amenity? The hulls can hold up to six ensuite cabins. Four Volvo Penta IPS 1050 engines power its propulsion systems to help it hit up to 22 knots.

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Images courtesy of VisionF