A “plug & play getaway,” the Vipp Shelter ($585,000) offers an escape from the urban chaos in a 55m2 all-inclusive retreat that comes with -literally- everything you need to spend a few days (months) comfortably, surrounded by nothing but silence and nature.

The shelter has a very simple steel grid that forms a two-level prefabricated container style structure. At the lower level, you’ll find the kitchen, living space, bathroom, a daybed area, and full-sized sliding windows on each side (with the exception of the bathroom) which allow the natural setting to be the focus and blur the difference between inside & out. The first-floor bedroom is accessed by a ladder. For natural light and stargazing, both the upper-level units contain full skylights; one over the upper bedroom and the other over the kitchen.

The Vipp Shelter comes fully furnished right down to the bedsheets and eating utensils and can be installed by Vipp’s professionals in just 3-5 days. You do need to have the location ready, of corse.