The Vintage Electric Tracker bicycles are a beautiful blend of early 20th Century board track racing bikes fused with modern 21st Century technology. The Tracker’s frame is a lightweight, hydro-formed aluminum that supports the 52-volt lithium-ion battery and related electronics in a V-twin engine-styled battery box. Now, for a special limited edition, the Californian company has joined forces with acclaimed Porsche customizer Rod Emory to create the cool Outlaw Tracker ($6,995).

The 3,000-watt rear-hub electric motor can be switched from Street Mode running 250 to 750 watts for a top speed of 20 mph, to Race Mode which pushes the Tracker beyond road-legal limits and is designed for off-road use only. The e-bike tops out at 36 mph in this Race Mode. Stopping power is furnished by top-of-the-line Shimano ‘Alfine’ hydraulic disc brakes.

Just like Emory’s Porsches, the ‘Outlaw’ Tracker is done in deep Carrera Silver and has a “grilled” front lamp. Outfitted with a Brooks leather spring saddle and stacked leather handgrips, for an extra touch of refined style.