The first time you lay eyes on the Villa Nafissa, it’s unbelievable that such an estate exists in California. Many who’ve seen the lavish home liken it to a French chateau and that’s a huge part of its charm. Moreover, the location it’s in affords beautiful views of its natural surroundings. Now, you can own it for $35.8 million.

This listing is handled by Hilton & Hyland. “The owner and current seller built the home in the late 1990s and wanted it to feel like it’s been there for centuries,” notes the group’s agent Jerome Kerr-Jarrett. “It was just dirt when he bought the land with one singular pepper tree.” It’s amazing how money can make magic happen.

A 40-minute drive north of San Diego, Villa Nafissa stands within Fairbanks Ranch – an exclusive community. Private gates open to reveal a sprawling property with beautiful gardens and remarkable landscaping. Others describe its horticultural design as a tribute to the Garden in Giverny by Claude Monet.

The grounds feature a lake, waterfall, winding paths, and more than 3,000 species of flora. Meanwhile, the main residence spans 16,000 square feet and holds seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The volumes within Villa Nafissa receive adequate sunlight throughout the day. Towering ceilings makes the interior spaces feel open and allows for optimal ventilation.

Having friends stay over is never a problem as the Villa Nafissa boasts two guest houses. Both areas measure a total of 10,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms in total. Up to eight cars can park inside the massive garage. There’s a whole lot more when it comes to entertainment. Overall, it’s a grandiose residence that leaves a lasting impression.

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Images courtesy of Hilton & Hyland