Normally, houses are built going up. Occasionally, others take the avant-garde route which ends in something unique. The Villa Aa by C.F. Møller Architects proves that even when a home is barely visible, it can still stand out. This is on land shared with a historic farm in an undisclosed countryside in Norway. Surrounded by a backdrop of trees, it’s a nature-lover’s dream dwelling.

Among the countless architectural works, we’ve featured so far, ones that take topography into account are some of our favorites. We have the Forest Road Estate, Slope House, and Gods and Dreams resort, to name a few. Now, we count the Villa Aa as another awesome addition to our list.

Due to the uneven terrain of its vicinity, C.F. Møller Architects designs the residence to blend with the landscape. Depending on the elevation of where you stand, the outline makes it difficult to spot unless you know where to look. This makes it ideal for folks who value their privacy.

The Villa Aa spans an area of about 4,037 square feet. The firm states it is “built as an addition to a historic farm and is integrated respectfully into the surrounding protected nature.” The unnamed owners use it both as a home and an office. You can access it from the parking via a pathway that winds down.

Another would entail taking a small staircase from the lush upper terrace which also forms the roof of the Villa Aa. We can spot several small structures which appear to be skylights. Glass walls allow natural light to fill the interior and also gives those inside a majestic view of the Oslo Fjord.

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Images courtesy of C.F. Møller Architects/Ivar Kvaal