Victorinox is no stranger to the EDC and multitool market with its vast selection of durable and reliable pocket tools already finding their homes among enthusiasts. Now users have even more reasons to bring a pocket tool on the go with the Swiss Card Lite.

This is not your ordinary card tool that can open locked doors or slice open envelopes. It comes with utility tools that will definitely come in handy when the occasion strikes. These include scissors, tweezers, an emergency blade, a pin, and a pressurized ballpoint pen, tucked neatly and securely in their respective indentations on the card.

The Victorinox Swiss Card Lite also has a magnifying glass. Amazingly at its compact size, it even manages to store a bright LED to shed some light in the dark. Speaking of the size, this handy gear right here is merely 3.2 inches long and 2.2 inches wide with a height of 0.2 inches. It is lightweight at only 0.9 ounces. 

You definitely would not mind taking this anywhere with you since it easily slips inside your wallet, like one of your credit or bank cards. Best of all, it comes in attractive and standout colors of Red and Transparent Blue so it catches the eye in a pleasing way. Of course, there’s the quintessential black too.

The Victorinox Swiss Card Lite is made with a blend of ABS and Cellidor so it doesn’t release any foul odor. It is also pleasantly warm and soft to the touch and has a self-polishing effect. Likewise, this card multitool is tough on cracks, has high-impact strength, and is resistant to mineral oils, water, grease, and sweat.  

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Images courtesy of Victorinox