The ubiquitous hand ax, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a hatchet, has been essential outdoor gear for many centuries. From clearing a camping area to splintering firewood, to, in a pinch, defending yourself against hostile entities, you could do much worse than having Top’s Knives’ VI AX ($264) in your hand.

Constructed from a single bar of 1075 high carbon steel, the VI ax also has an ergonomically designed shaft for maximum swing effect and resistance to damage from the mightiest blow. The handle, rather than wood, is a Linen Micarta composite for a firm and comfortable grip. Unlike hatchets, with their flat, hammer-like reverse side, the ax is backed by a second, double-edged triangular blade. When not in use, your superlative cutting tool can be safely enclosed in its custom-fitting leather sheath.

Utilizing 100% American made materials and technology, this modern take on an ancient tool is built to last for a lifetime’s use and a generational heirloom. This is definitely NOT your father’s old hatchet! via

Tops VI Ax 2

Tops VI Ax 3

Tops VI Ax 4