You can never go wrong with a scooter for your daily urban commute. These compact two-wheelers are perfect for crowded city streets. You get to take advantage of its fuel efficiency, relaxed riding position, and more. Perhaps the most iconic model comes from Piaggio which now offers a range-topping trim it calls the Vespa GTS.

A Vespa is hardly what anyone would call a racing machine, but it doesn’t mean the manufacturer can’t boost its capabilities. You still enjoy the distinctive aesthetics, handling, and performance that many associate with the name. Let’s face it, despite its simplicity, your ride is a guaranteed head-turner.

“The new design and technology of the Vespa GTS continues to evolve but what never changes are its spontaneous personality and the aesthetic appeal that plays a large tribute to this Italian icon, “says the marque. “This elegant travel companion features new details in style and comfort, to make every trip one to remember.”

Its 278 cc 300 HPE, four-stroke, four-valve, engine with electronic fuel injection produces a modest 23.8 horsepower and 19.18 lb-ft of torque. Piaggio then pairs the Vespa GTS’ mill with a new CVT with a torque server gearbox.  Its single-arm front and double hydraulic rear suspension units are tuned to deliver stability and comfort.

This is also the first time the scooter ships with varying tire sizes for its 12” wheels. The scooter features dual disc brakes with ABS and ASR traction control for rider safety. The Vespa GTS is available in Nero Convinto (black) and Verde Amabile (mint). Both colorways sport chrome accents and an ergonomic saddle for two.

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Images courtesy of Piaggio