International travel is gradually picking up as global COVID-19 are likewise starting to drop. It may be too early to celebrate just yet, but with proper safety precautions in place, there should be nothing to worry about. Still, If you prefer not to take any chances, perhaps Verve Culture can help you out. Add their Thai Moon Knife Set to your collection for that Southeast Asian vibe.

For ultimate authenticity when it comes to food preparations, the best chefs will tell you it’s all about quality. Following recipes can only get you so far when the ingredients you are using are sub-par. Moreover, most culinary excerpts swear that the tools also matter.

So, if you’re craving some homemade cuisine themed around Thailand, Verve Culture has exactly what you need. Just like how certain flavors come from spices originating from a specific region, the blade design matters. The Thai Moon Knife Set here is a great bang for your buck purchase.

You get a duo of finely crafted cutting tools for your kitchen. The lightweight carbon steel blade is named after the distinct shape. Moreover, you also get a Slice Knife in the bundle, which is versatile enough to handle most items. Meanwhile, the big daddy of the two means serious business.

Just like a cleaver, it traditionally sees action in both markets and restaurants in Thailand. Verve Culture notes that it is ideal for meats with bone and hard-skinned fruits. The Thai Moon Knife Set ships in a bamboo box with cutouts to cradle each blade perfectly. Since they’re not using stainless steel, just follow basic maintenance methods to keep the rust away.

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Images courtesy of Verve Culture