Gullwing doors on a smartphone? That’s pretty much all it takes to have our full attention. The new luxury smartphone from Vertu is called Signature Touch and yes, it does have gullwing doors. They open to reveal the microSD and NanoSim cards, and they represent a remarkable feat of micro engineering.

Vertu Signature Touch

Signature Touch flaunts an elegant streamlined design, which includes the manufacturer’s largest touchscreen to date. The 5.2” sapphire crystal screen and flawless display ensure a perfectly enjoyable navigation, as well as an excellent way to enjoy the camera’s unprecedented photo and video quality.

Each unit is hand-manufactured in England by a single master craftsman, following the company’s relentless dedication to merging technological innovation and craftsmanship. Clients can use Vertu’s Made to Order service for beautifully personalized Signature Touch phones which help them better expresses their unique tastes.

Jet Calf

Jet Calf Front ViewJet Calf Back ViewJet Calf Side ViewJet Calf Jet Calf Siganture Touch Jet Calf Case Jet Calf Case Siganture Touch

Garnet Calf

Garnet Calf Front View Garnet Calf Back ViewGarnet Calf Side View Garnet Calf Garnet Calf Siganture Touch Garnet Calf Case Garnet Calf Case Siganture Touch

Grape Lizard

Grape Lizard Front View Grape Lizard Back View Grape Lizard Side View Grape Lizard Grape Lizard Siganture Touch Grape Lizard Case

Pure Jet Lizard

Pure Jet Lizard Front View Pure Jet Lizard Back View Pure Jet Lizard Side View Pure Jet Lizard Siganture Touch Pure Jet Lizard

Jet Alligator

Jet Alligator Front View Jet Alligator Back View Jet Alligator Side View Jet Alligator Siganture Touch Jet Alligator Case Jet Alligator Case Siganture Touch

Pure Navy Alligator

Pure Navy Alligator Front View Pure Navy Alligator Back View Pure Navy Alligator Side View Pure Navy Alligator Siganture Touch Pure Navy Alligator Pure Navy Alligator Case

Clous de Paris Alligator

Clous de Paris Alligator Front ViewClous de Paris Alligator Back ViewClous de Paris Alligator Side ViewClous de Paris AlligatorClous de Paris Alligator Siganture Touch

Pure Jet Red Gold

Pure Jet Red Gold Front View Pure Jet Red Gold Back View Pure Jet Red Gold Side View Pure Jet Red Gold Pure Jet Red Gold Siganture Touch


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