In case you didn’t know, Sriracha is a traditional hot sauce from Thailand that goes with pretty much anything (we’re big fans). Maple Sriracha ($10.00) is a Vermont version of the original, that marries the enticing flavor of pure Vermont maple syrup with fresh peppers and garlic. And it also goes with anything.

Made by hand in Vermont (obviously), this small batch sauce contains 5 powerhouse ingredients: pure local maple syrup, fresh fresno peppers, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt, and garlic. That’s it. No nasty preservatives, additives, or gluten. The result is a condiment that adds a wonderful balance of sweet savory heat to whatever dish you add it to. The 8oz glass bottle also comes as the new Vermont Maple Sriracha Verde edition, made with fresh green Jalapeño peppers, with just a bit more heat than the original recipe. Nice!

Vermont Maple Sriracha 2

Vermont Maple Sriracha 1

Vermont Maple Sriracha 3