When you live in areas with picturesque views, Architects often integrate this into their blueprints. It would be a shame to waste opportunities like it, which is why L.S. Design applies a lot of glazing for the Verbier Chalet. This private home in Switzerland provides a welcoming escape from the cold outside and encourage relaxation within its walls.

According to its designers, the Verbier Chalet packs some sustainable features which make its energy requirements very minimal. Its construction uses self-heating glass panes, anti-freeze surfaces, and a recirculating water reservoir.

Given the cold climate this high in the Swiss Alps, temperature control is a crucial element for every residence here. L.S. Design notes the materials and technology allow the interior to maintain about 24 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the large panels of glass on the walls, windows and skylights allow sunlight to flow in.

Concrete windbreakers on several sections of the dwelling and an elevated foundation also help regulate temperature. Another awesome feature of the self-heating glass is clarity amid the cold. Ice and snow do not accumulate and thus provide exceptional visibility of the outside.

Inside the Verbier Chalet, what greets you are muted colors of white, brown, gray, and wood. These create a warm atmosphere that feels even larger thanks to the double-height ceiling between the two bedrooms.

You can reach the latter via floating staircases. The open floor plan of the first floor blends the living room, kitchen, and dining room into one volume. The Verbier Chalet looks like a cozy cabin you want to spend the whole day sipping warm drinks and watching the snowfall in.

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Images courtesy of L.S. Design