If you want added breathability to your backpack then consider getting the VentaPak. It is a backpack spacer that helps increase airflow so you don’t end up with a soggy shirt during commutes or hikes.

This gear promises to reduce back heat and sweat as it creates true space between your back and backpack, thus providing constant airflow. In turn, you get rid of the annoying sweat stains on your back and stay dry on the go. What it is is actually an aerated mesh panel that attaches to the back of your pack using vertical straps and buckles. It uses neoprene foam for the straps and casing for improved breathability and zinc alloy for the frame.

The VentaPak attaches and detaches easily and you can even adjust mesh tension using the straps. This way you get the appropriate and comfortable fit for your back and shoulders. Although this fits almost any standard backpacks, it works best with those that are at least 8 inches wide and 14-19 inches in height.

Aside from providing breathability, this travel essential also provides back suspension. It moves the pack slightly off your back and the straps gently tug your shoulders back to prevent back and shoulder strain. This means improved back posture and makes the pack feel slightly lighter. Items inside also move less and won’t dig through your back while on the go.

The VentaPak is best for commuters, those who love to take hikes or go for bikes, or for travel in general. Aside from backpacks, it also provides lumbar support on chairs and doubles as a travel pillow.

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Images courtesy of VentaPak