A wool shoe is hardly an ideal choice of footwear as we head into the cold season. It may sound appealing because wool means warmth and thus equates to cozy feet. But the thought of walking on soggy feet is scary. The North Face Japan though fought this idea with its Velocity Wool Chukka shoe.

On the outside, you see a pair of soft wool that is a magnet for the winter elements. But on the inside is a powerful component that keeps water or moisture at bay. This footwear uses Gore-Tex‘s recent invention, the Invisible Fit technology that gives the shoe its weather-resistant quality.

The tech bonds the membrane to the upper to keep the shoe not only weather-resistant but also lightweight and comfortable. This means you don’t have to worry about snow or water seeping inside. The Invisible Fit tech also enhances the shoe’s quick-drying quality and durability, thus making this footwear a formidable chukka that is definitely winter-savvy.

The North Face Japan’s Velocity Wool Chukka also makes for comfortable everyday wear during cold temperatures. It comes fitted with a durable Vibram sole and XTRAFOAM midsole cushioning commonly used in sports footwear (running and training). This pair is also equipped with XS TREK compounds for overall better traction, shock absorption, and stability.

This shoe is great for those unpredictable weather changes. It not only looks and feels comfortable. But it also looks good paired with your everyday casual wear. The Velocity Wool Chukka comes in three unisex colors including brown, black, and grey.

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Images courtesy of The North Face Japan