While the Isle of Man may not be the first place you think of for making motorcycle helmets, VELDT may change that perception. They have perfected a process that creates ECE & DOT safety-approved lids that are formed from Japanese-sourced carbon fiber. The VELDT Full Face Carbon Helmet ($630) is a perfect manifestation of this company’s philosophy: creating the best possible helmet they can, one that “protected us, a helmet that was comfortable, but also a helmet that remained simple.”

The thing that makes VELDT stand out is their online helmet configurator that lets you custom build your individual helmet within generous parameters. The default settings range from an XS up to the big XXL. Being formed of carbon, the opportunity to revel in the color palette is taken and the VELDT helmets come in a wide range of color choices.

As well as that customization, VELDT offers a number of optional choices like full or 3/4 face, shells, chin bars, as well as a choice of visors and shields. Each hand-assembled unit has a Coolmax interior, a weight of only ~1100 grams, and comes with a 5-year warranty. This is a durable, classic lid that is as wide-spread as it is ubiquitous on the world’s roads. [via]