Are you planning to get an e-bike soon? If so, VanMoof is dropping something new in a few days. This upcoming launch sees the company revisit a model it introduced in 2021. It remains a hit among cyclists who prefer to have electric assist on tap for whenever they need it. A little over a year after its debut, we’re getting the S3 Aluminum.

What this revamped take on an awesome silhouette brings to the table is purely cosmetic. After all, there’s no need to make changes to an e-bike that already delivers top-class performance and quality. We can think of the S3 Aluminum as an all-out marketing strategy to convince those who held off from the original release to finally grab one.

Splurge you should, as the VanMoof endows the two-wheeler with a brushed aluminum frame. No aesthetic embellishments here as the raw look of the metal even showcases the manufacturer’s distinct welding marks. The characteristics of the metal make it a robust choice against the elements even without a protective layer of paint.

However, the S3 Aluminum flaunts sections in an understated coat of black. Specifically, the forks, wheels, seat post, saddle, headset, stem and integrated handlebars sport the stealthy tone. The beefy top tube houses all of its electronics as well as the non-user-replaceable batteries.

Buyers are in for a treat as this e-bike boasts exceptional features. “Every design process starts with the rider at its core,” says VanMoof CMO Jonathan Hum. “From the frame, to the app, to industry-first innovations, like kick-lock and boost button, we aim at establishing a 360 user experience around every rider.” Be one of the first to ride the S3 Aluminum later this week.

Grab Your S3 Aluminum: Here

Images courtesy of VanMoof