As electrification gradually makes its way into other forms of transportation, innovations in battery technology and electric motors likewise follow. Ongoing efforts to incorporate sustainable systems with most types of watercraft means the shipbuilding industry already has green initiatives in mind. The Domus from Van Geest Design illustrates what a zero-emission platform of the future might look like.

The Amsterdam-based studio specializes in both sailing and motor yachts. In fact, they already have several models under each category. We like how their collection of luxury vessel concepts tout sleek silhouettes with clean lines and creative use of spaces. Their latest project with Rob Doyle Design — the Domus — appears to reflect all these as well.

Instead of a catamaran configuration, Van Geest Design opts for a triple hull layout that offers generous volumes for owners to customize. Before we discuss that in detail, let’s start with how this trimaran operates emission-free. The Domus comes with a hybrid setup that generates power from solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, and hydro-regeneration.

Furthermore, even without its electric propulsion, the Domus can switch to its sails. Like most multi-hull ships, it is engineered for stability and speed. Van Geest Design optimizes the blueprint of the 130-foot vessel to provide an area size of up to 8,500 square feet.

By default, its two decks can hold two master suites, four guest cabins, a fitness area, a swimming pool, a bar, lounge areas, an aft beach club, and more. These are just suggestions as clients are likely to personalize their trimaran according to their personal tastes anyway. The eco-friendly systems on Van Geest Design’s Domus need to be on more yachts in the future.

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Images courtesy of Van Geest Design