Vagabund Moto recently launched a stealthy conversion kit for the KTM 350 EXC called the 350 Safari. Little did we know they were also cooking up something awesome for the four-wheel market. The Daily 911 is a blackout beauty we can only hope to own. So far, its venture into vehicles looks promising.

A couple of years ago, we featured their work on a Lada Niva. It was a quirky yet capable 4×4 off-road machine. Other notable automotive projects under their belt include The 8 (BMW 850i) and the 944 Safari (Porsche 944/924). Upon checking their pages, the team is likewise gearing up for a custom Land Rover Defender 90.

Although the bulk of their operations mainly focuses on two-wheelers, builds like the Daily 911 are a welcome addition to their repertoire. Their latest work chooses a Porsche 911 SC 3.0 as the donor car. Aside from giving the Super Carrera a glossy murdered-out colorway, the shop is also tweaking it with bespoke add-ons.

The Daily 911 welcomes a series of refurbishments which includes the accumulator, rear coupling rods, v-belt, manifold studs, ignition system, and the brake calipers, among others. Moreover, Vagabund Moto is overhauling the gearbox to ensure reliable performance. In line with its dark theme, its Fuchs wheels are now also in black.

The motif continues inside the cockpit as well with the black leather upholstery and gray houndstooth accents. A custom roof rack allows owners to haul more cargo than before. This also gives the Daily 911 a more macho stance over its original silhouette. Vagabund Moto notes that the odometer shows 115,000 miles. However, this sports car will drive and handle like it’s fresh from the factory.

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Daily 911 side Daily 911 front Daily 911 Steering Wheel Daily 911 roof rack

Images courtesy of Vagabund Moto