URWERK is a luxury watch brand that offers avant-garde styles and complications that are mostly presented in an understated way. However, every now and then, it takes things in a more lavish direction just like on the new UR-100V Stardust. If like us you’re more acquainted with their understated outings, this dazzling timepiece might be jarring at first glance.

This variant of the watchmaker’s popular silhouette is adorned with gemstones that sparkle like its namesake. Personally, most of us here prefer the previous releases, but we’re certain clients would jump on this blinged-out wrist candy. According to URWERK, the metal used for the case made the task of setting the natural crystals a challenge.

The UR-100V Stardust surprisingly opts for steel instead of the usual precious metals. Hence, you can only imagine how difficult it was to achieve this with 400 brilliant-cut diamonds. The result speaks for itself as the case will draw your attention more than the signature satellite hours and minutes complication.

Its skeleton dial flashes even more stones just above the minute scale and on the arc that spans 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 1 o’clock. For those of you wondering, each arm holds a disc with four Arabic numeral hour markers that rotate in sequence to indicate the hour, while the pointer at the edge sweeps across a minute track at the bottom.

As noted by URWERK, the diamonds featured on the UR-100V Stardust are Color D-certified VVS1 for close to 1.90 carats in total. Governing its timekeeping functions is the in-house UR 12.02 self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve.

Images courtesy of URWERK