A collaboration for the books, if there ever was one. Urwahn Bikes teamped up with Vagabund Moto to make this utterly beautiful special edition Stadtfuchs Bike. It’s a sleek and ergonomic cycling companion with an eccentric frame but no-nonsense design.

The collab project is a testament to both companies’ excellence. As for the bike itself, you’ll come to appreciate its unique profile. It has a curvy frame that acts as a way of dispersing strains and shocks on the rear wheel. More than for utilitarian purposes, though, it looks pretty sick. That unusual frame gives the bike its distinct look, just a smidge different from most conventional rides to stick out like a fantastically sore thumb.

The Stadtfuchs Bike features high-grade steel for the frame, and building quality is apparently set to a very high standard. Construction employs state of the art seamless steel welding, making it ready for the challenges of your daily commute.

More than just that, the Stadtfuchs Bike also comes brimmed in technical prowess, including integrated LED lights at the front and rear that gets its power from the built-in dynamo in the front wheel hub. You’ll also find a GPS tracking system in case the bike gets stolen.

Also here: a very low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive CDX system and an 11-speed gear hub to silently bring you up to speed. There’s also a hydraulic braking system to ensure proper braking force. Which is all to say the Stadtfuchs Bike looks like it has it all: a great frame, smart components, and clever additions for safety. Other details include a Brooks cambium C15 carved all weather saddle and a grippy Continental tires with puncture protection. You’ll also find an integrated rack and mudguard mounting system.


Photos courtesy of Vagabund and Urwahn Bikes